Chairman of the Board, Joon-Yang Chung, Visits POSTECH
Chairman of the Board, Joon-Yang Chung, Visits POSTECH
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2014.06.04 13:21
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The POSTECH chairman, board of trustees, Joon-yang Chung, visited POSTECH from May 9-10 to communicate with the members of the university. This was the first official visit since his retirement from the position of POSCO’s CEO. Together with the Povost & Executive Vice President, Deans of the Administrative Unit, POSTECH Faculty Senate etc., Chairman Chung held a meeting to deeply discuss the pending issues occurring in the university. Moreover, he visited Professor Jang, Sung Key (LIFE) at the undergraduate laboratory of the Department of Life Sciences and Prof. Kun-Hong Lee (CE) at the laboratory of the Department of Chemical Engineering to discuss the development of the research environment as well as to secure extra space. He also checked the effect of QSS’s activity and encouraged the participating members.
Chairman Chung promised to “pay interest and provide active support in the creation of POSTECH’s new culture, and for a method to recover Postechians’ spirits and pride”. He requested specific members “to put in individual effort so that mutual communication occurs efficiently”.