Not for Oneself but for All: Appropriate Technology Contest
Not for Oneself but for All: Appropriate Technology Contest
  • Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok.
  • 승인 2014.06.04 13:19
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On Mar.10, ALPHA held the Appropriate Technology Contest. The purpose of this contest is to make Postechians aware of the need for sustainable development in undeveloped countries, and to promote the meaning and significance of appropriate technology.
In undeveloped countries, they do not need fancy technology. Instead, they need technology that is affordable, easy to manage, and applicable to basic daily needs. The technology that incorporates these characteristics is called Appropriate Technology.
No Myeonghyeon (CE 10) & Kim Seonil (CHEM 11) received the grand award, whereas Mun Changgyeong (IME 09), Kim Dong-u (EE M.S.-Ph.D. Candidate) & Park Yunsang (EE M.S.-Ph.D. Candidate) received the excellence award. Others were awarded with the runner-up prize, and participation award.
The winning team received the grand award by designing a pack saddle that can ease the transportation of supplemental water. The team that won the excellence award came up with the idea to develop a wicking bed system to help water reach the roots of agricultural goods and thus increase the amount of crops produced.