Post Act: Thinking How to be a Good Reporter
Post Act: Thinking How to be a Good Reporter
  • Reporter Kwon Na-eun
  • 승인 2014.04.09 15:23
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In order to develop The Postech Times, I will try focus on three things. The first is obeying the basic rules of The Postech Times. Basically, The Postech Times is the place where I make the newspaper with other people. The important thing is that I don’t make it alone. Thus, keeping the promises I make with others is the most important thing I should do. The promises include meeting times, deadlines for finishing articles, the number of letters in articles, and so on.
The second is writing good articles. Unlike magazines, books, or other reading materials, a newspaper is relatively independent from its design or cover. The critical thing in a newspaper is the content. I think that good content includes the story that the readers want to know. Since our readers are primarily composed of Postechians, their families, and people interested in POSTECH, I think content should be about the recent events that are happening inside POSTECH and ideas and thoughts about its current state. Therefore, I am going to try to grasp all the information about POSTECH as much as I can with an open mind. For example, I will try to talk with people about what they know about POSTECH and what are their opinions. Also, I will regularly check emails and announcements so I will know what is happening here.
Third, I am going to be an active member in The Postech Times. For instance, if The Postech Times has an event day, like cotton candy day, I will definitely try to support them and help them make cotton candy. Moreover, when I have conversation with my friends, I will try to tell them about The Postech Times so that they get more interest in it and do not forget to read it. I also could tell them by SNS or text messages because we actively use electronic devices when we communicate these days.
Articles should be interesting and useful. For example, in The Postech Times (No.51), I thought that the article that featured Japanese education and culture was interesting because it was new information for me. Usually students in a science and engineering school don’t get many opportunities to learn about other cultures. Nevertheless, The Postech Times can help them experience other cultures or other people’s thoughts and ideas, although indirectly, and I want to do that kind of job. Also, I will write about life science so that people can understand it better.