Focusing on my Positive Traits for Advancement
Focusing on my Positive Traits for Advancement
  • Reporter Choi Jong Hyeok
  • 승인 2014.04.09 15:23
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As one of the reporters of The Postech Times, I will use my merits to make it better.
In my high school life, the most important thing that I did was a club activity. The club was made by me and my friends. We organized events like classic concerts, celebrity lectures, and so on. The common theme was “conversation”. Through those events I was able to converse with adults, friends, and even children. I believe that the ability to communicate with a variety of people is one of my merits. I will use this merit to effectively communicate with Postechians through The Postech Times, and conduct useful interviews.
One of my highly recognized traits is time management. There is a saying that if you join The Postech Times, you are pushed by the time. But I think that is not true. This was probably said by people who are bad at time management. There are reporters who can balance their academics, club activities, and social life while still being an active member of The Postech Times. For whatever reasons, many Postechians have a prejudice that it is hard to have a social life while being part of it. I will show all Postechains how the rumor only remains as a rumor.
When I came here as a freshman, I saw few people reading The Postech Times. To some extent, The Postech Times has advertised via Facebook and webpages, but I hope to find other ways to engage more readers on and off campus.
Though I am not good in English, there are things that only I can do. I will focus on these traits. When I applied for The Postech Times, I really wanted to make it the best. Since I have the opportunity to develop it, I will try my best.