POSTECH as a Hub for Engineering Technology Trends
POSTECH as a Hub for Engineering Technology Trends
  • Reporter Park Do-won
  • 승인 2013.12.04 22:16
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POSTECH Graduate School of Engineering Mastership (GEM) held the “2013 Engineering Global Technology Trend Conference” on September 15, at Ramada Seoul Hotel, Grand Ballroom.
The government, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, industries such as POSCO, and several research institutes and press sponsored and participated in this conference. Researchers engaged in industry and academia in the field of national engineering gathered in and shared opinions about the following topics: contents of global guidance to project management (ISO 21500) and its impact on project industry, the trend and future of conceptual design and preliminary design technology, and the strategy and present situation of new model nuclear facility development.
Important people in the field of engineering and convergence technology were in attendance in this conference. Brian Berenbach from Siemens gave a special lecture, “The Application of Systems Engineering Technology and Practices to Front End Engineering and Design of Plants”. Hoseong Lee, vice president of American Bureau of Shipping, delivered a lecture titled “Role of R&D for Offshore Oil and Gas Industries”. In addition to these two special lectures, 6 sessions about engineering technology trends proceeded.
This conference became a forum of exchange among the government institutes, industries, academia, and research laboratories for future national engineering industry development.