Taking a Rain Check on Victory
Taking a Rain Check on Victory
  • Reporter Park Tae-yoon
  • 승인 2013.10.16 12:15
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The 12th POSTECH-KAIST Science War was held in KAIST on Sep. 27-28. Outstanding and passionate undergraduates of each university have competed in Hacking, Basketball, Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming, E-sports (League of Legends), Baseball, Science Quiz, and Soccer. About 540 undergraduates of POSTECH registered as the supporters for cheering POSTECH. POSTECH beat KAIST 1-0 in Soccer, and 2-0 in League of Legends. However, POSTECH was beaten in the rest of the events: Hacking (3-4), Basketball (55-62), AI programming (1-2), Baseball (9-16), and Science Quiz (526-712). Therefore, the victory was given to KAIST with the score of 500 to 200.
There was a beer party to encourage undergraduates from the two universities to get to know each other. The festival was concluded with a concert featuring JUNIEL, a famous Korean singer.