To Make POSTECH and The Postech Times Better
To Make POSTECH and The Postech Times Better
  • Yoo Jae Won (MATH13
  • 승인 2013.10.16 12:12
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As a freshman student, I still do not know many things about the school, and I always try to find some useful information in The Postech Times. However, frankly speaking, it was my first time to peruse the English version. I found many differences from the Korean version. I recognized some possibilities, but on the other hand, I couldn’t overlook some limitations.
Firstly, I would like to applaud the ambition of The Postech Times. POSTECH claims to be a bilingual campus, but the school doesn’t seem too focused on improving the lives of foreign students. In this situation, the role of The Postech Times is significant. It should strive to represent foreign students. In this respect, I was impressed by its pledge to help the university become a global campus. I sincerely hope it becomes the press that not only provides valuable information for students, but also represents foreigners of the school.
Also, the newspaper contained information I had barely known. I would not have known about the English library or the renovation of sports fields if it were not for The Postech Times. There were also interesting columns carefully chosen to teach students liberal arts knowledge, which engineering majors may lack. The features about Hangul were suitable to help students know about Korean culture and language.
However, I couldn’t help but state some limitations it seems to have. There was disparity of quality between the Korean version and the English one. There were some spelling errors, and the contents were not so various. The issues that The Postech Times covered were limited to those in school. Students, whether they are foreigners or not, are members of the local community, and they should be informed of the news in the local community. I also suggest that it deals more with suggestive issues. I found that most of the news and columns focus on delivering information. It is the press’s responsibility to deliver information to people, but it is also important for the press to lead people to correct thinking.
Having a high quality English newspaper on a Korean campus must be difficult. I recognize the potential The Postech Times has. It would be impossible without The Postech Times for POSTECH to be a truly global campus. I hope it become one of the greatest university newspapers as POSTECH is developing into one of the greatest universities in the world.