SK Hynix-POSTECH Fellowship, Active Support for Talents
SK Hynix-POSTECH Fellowship, Active Support for Talents
  • Reporter Park Do-won
  • 승인 2013.09.04 15:45
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SK Hynix (CEO Park Sung-wook), a chipmaking corporation, and POSTECH have offered active assistance to talents interested in future semiconductor research.
In Sep. last year, SK Hynix and POSTECH made “new industry-academy cooperation”to support the growth of the corporation and college. They decided to create SK Hynix Fellowship to provide an  conditional scholarshop to undergraduate and graduate students who have interest and passion in semiconductor research.
Existing scholarships awarded by industry-academy cooperation have many restrictions (such as requiring students to join the corporation upon graduation). However, as a part of “new industry-academy cooperation,” SK hynix Fellowship will totally support students with fervor in semiconductor research after evaluating individual ability and research plan.
POSTECH selected undergraduate students who have passion in “High-Risk, High-Return research”as recipients among applicants. They will receive Full Fellowship, which provides 24 million KRW to students each year.
POSTECH confirmed 13 selectees for the fellowship and held a conferment ceremony of SK hynix Fellowship certificate at a conference room in POSTECH on Jul. 14. President Yongmin Kim, SK hynix CEO Park Sung-wook, and related officials attended the ceremony.