Prof. Chan Gyung Park appointed as President of KION
Prof. Chan Gyung Park appointed as President of KION
  • Reporter Park Seo-kyung
  • 승인 2013.05.22 04:35
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Director of National Center for Nanomaterials Technology (NCNT), Professor Chan Gyung Park (MSE) was appointed as the second president of Korea Infrastructure Organization for Nanotechnology (KION) and started his two year term on May 4.
KION was founded gathering six nanotechnology research infrastructures supported by the government: NCNT, National Nanofab Center, Korea Advanced Nano Fab Center, Korea Printed Electronics Center, National Center for Nanoprocess and Equipments, and Nano Convergence Practical Application Center. By joint permission of Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, KION was established in 2011 to offer advanced services for academic-industrial cooperation that practices R&D and industrialization of nanotechnology through strengthening strategic connection between nano-infrastructures.
As the second president of KION, prof. Park will conduct various projects that will enable the organization to take a leap, and plan to support projects and researches for nano-infrastucture.
Prof. Park has appointed as director of NCNT since foundation of POSTECH, and contributed greatly to the technological development of new materials.