Best Mentor of The University of Arizona
Best Mentor of The University of Arizona
  • Reporter Choi Na-Youn
  • 승인 2013.05.01 00:09
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On Mar. 28, Professor Young-Jun Son, a graduate of POSTECH, was honored for “The best mentor of The University of Arizona”.
This award is given to the best mentor at educating and directing the research work of graduate students. As a result of Prof. Son’s dedication, his students have earned high positions in their fields. His students received “the Graduate Research Award” three times for  four years. His former students have also become professors and scientists in Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, University of Miami, Samsung and FedEx. Furthermore, Prof. Son’s numerous research projects affected students’ recognition and respect for himas a mentor.
Prof. Son said, “All of my achievements including this award were not made alone. It is attributed to graduate students and their contributions to projects.” He promised to be a respected educator, a recognized scientist, and a leader who can have positive effects in the industrial field by devoting himself to education and researching with enterprises.

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