What Can You Get Without Toiling?
What Can You Get Without Toiling?
  • Reporter Park Seo-kyung
  • 승인 2013.03.20 23:41
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In 2007, the book named “Secret” sold like hot cakes. What a miraculous and charming sound that only imagining vividly without effortcan bring you what you want! To people, this book seemed “BibidiBabidi Boo” itself. Some people who doubted at first also gradually accepted this type of thinking as success stories like getting extra cash, a nice house, even a gorgeous husband emerged. Books with a similar theme were released and sold well. The keyword of those books is blissful. We can get everything we want! How? Be really eager, imagine, and visualize to such an extent that the visualization is confused with reality! Then the Law of Attraction kicks in. This think is correct, but only when effort is applied.
In the way that they inspire readers, these books are so cunning. They even offer social losers a chance to improve their lives simply through imagination and visualization. The Law of Attraction may really exist. Some people do experience miraculous and unexplainable events. However, the success stories also contain effort without exception. If you want to enter a major company, rather than obsessing about visualization during all four years in university, analyze companies and prepare for an interview. “Only imagining” doesn’t bring you what you want. Even though visualization may provide the necessary fuel, a crucial fact is that you must act. Visualization and imagination are just the catalyst promoting the positive thinking and motivation that are vital in achievement. So in western society, these books are classified as books about spirit or mind, not self-improvement.
We have to remember a simple truth, “No sweet without sweat.” Though ten thousand time of endeavor isn’t sufficient condition to success, it is impossible to success without ten thousand time of endeavor (from “Outliers: The Story of Success”). At this time of year, you probably have the new semester feel. Group meetings, assignments, quizzes are as big as a mountain and friends are attracting you with alcohol. Nevertheless, if you want to get a scholarship, you must drop foolish thinking such as,“I am originally so smart that my grades will be great even if I don’t study.” Pick up your pencil and create the report card you dream of receiving.