Change for Change’s Sake
Change for Change’s Sake
  • Editor-in-chief Lee Suh-young
  • 승인 2013.02.15 21:28
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No one disputes that firms have to make organizational changes when the business environment demands them. But the idea that a firm might want change for its own sake often provokes skepticism. Why inflict all that pain if you don’t have to?
A famous journal, Harvard Business Review, introduced an interesting article on changes for a successful business firm. The article suggested that change for change’s sake can be a necessary evil because the internal environment demands a response, even if the external environment is not changing in ways that do.
Tempting offer as it is, it is not too much to say that changes are always associated with some kind of risk. The Postech Times has obviously developed through the last 50 issues. Maintaining its initial five-page tabloid format, we endeavor to include as much news as possible in our newspaper, which is published every two to three weeks during each regular semester. During this process, The Postech Times experienced sweeping changes in its layout, fonts, and contents, aiming to quench the thirst of the readers. Moreover, during the last semester, a reporter column section and contents section were added and delivered in every issue.
As an editor-in-chief, any changes cannot be free from the controversy over change for change’s sake despite the risks. This is not only my problem but will be a pain in the neck for anyone who will be the next editor-in-chief.
It is always tricky to choose a topic to deliver, especially in the case of the newspaper which has a broad range of readers with the different backgrounds. This is the reason why we need changes in our newspaper, whether or not the change is simply change for change’s sake. In order to meet all these expectations, we tried and will try to deliver news with more information and an open-minded views in an effective way, not afraid of the risk of change. The choice for accepting change for change’s sake will totally depend on the editor.
Once again, congratulations on the publishing of issue 50.