Early Risers, Inconvenience of the Minority
Early Risers, Inconvenience of the Minority
  • Reporter Reo Ye-jin
  • 승인 2013.01.01 12:38
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POSTECH is recognized as a world-class university. There are lots of great professors and intelligent students in POSTECH, and people outside of POSTECH think we are getting higher education than others since we are those will lead Korea’s future science world. However, we should consider this more carefully. Is POSTECH educating us to be mentally independent, strong and polite? It is doubtful.
When I was young, my parents taught me that I should not call people before 8 A.M. and after 10 P.M. I should not disrupt other’s private time. The time at night is private time for everyone in the world, but it is easily disturbed in POSTECH. In POSTECH, many tests, lab times, and group meetings are scheduled at night. Early risers and early sleepers feel hard to control their time and work effectively when they have any late event. As POSTECH students are accustomed to having meetings, they do not feel sorry about calling late or scheduling an appointment at night. It can be a huge problem since people may think POSTECH students are rude outside of campus.
Additionally, early risers’ opinions, in most case, are easily neglected. When it comes to deciding test hour, it is easily neglected by the vast majorities of opinion that we prefer to take a test at night and it could lap over another test. Since the minority’s persistence is not considered at all, they get cold feet and do not voice their opinion; this makes them passive.
A university should fully regard students’ thinking and students must lead the school actively. However, when they face unintelligent situation, they do not speak out. For instance, one of the tests in the last semester was postponed just 23 hours before the scheduled time. The test was re-scheduled for a Sunday, which is private time. However, none of the students expressed complaints; everyone kept silent.
Though POSTECH students are getting a higher level of education, it does not ensure that they are educated to be successful people. If these problems are not resolved, I am worried about our future after graduation.