May Postechians Be Bull of Happiness
May Postechians Be Bull of Happiness
  • Han Jae Nam
  • 승인 2013.01.01 12:31
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Many incidents occurred during 2012. Undergraduate conference of the board of representatives started for the first time, and POSTECH ranked second in University Sustainability and 50th in the world from The Times Higher Education World University Rankings. On the other hand, there were setbacks as well, such as cleaning workers problem and fire.
The founding spirit of POSTECH states clearly that we should contribute to science, our nation, and the human race. We are now among the world’s top universities. However, we have overlooked our wrong customs and faults. As a result, disgraceful incidents keep happening. From now on, though we may suffer for those, we must face and solve problems to develop further. It does not mean that we need sudden revolution because that may promote weak solutions, less sympathy from students, and other problems. Thus, we need to resolve problems slowly but accurately.
Now, we are in front of a wave of change. Professors who have led POSTECH since the foundation have started to retire, and the Student Association is gaining confidence. The university should receive documents or information from professors who will retire soon and report this information on the school’s public record. Moreover, POSTECH must recruit exceptional professors in order to grow continuously. I will lead the Student Association to record the recurring problems of annual events and analyze its tasks in past time. This will lead to successful results in the 30th anniversary of the Student Association
I, a Postechian who loves POSTECH and the elected student president selected by POSTECH students, will communicate interactively. I will make Postechians feel sympathy and happiness this year.
I am confident POSTECH will soar up even higher in Science world this year.