POSTECH Ranks Second in University Sustainability
POSTECH Ranks Second in University Sustainability
  • Reporter Reo Ye-jin
  • 승인 2012.12.05 18:46
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POSTECH achieved the second position in Index of University Sustainability. It was conducted by Economic Research Institute for Sustainable Society (ERISS), Hyundae Research Institute, and Young Entrepreneurs for Sustainable Society (YeSS) and was published on Nov. 26. POSTECH obtained 1565.23 out of 2000 in total score while SNU, which achieved the first position, received a score of 1609.93. POSTECH occupied the first for educational condition and the second for school fee, holding the top position in social responsibility 1. However, POSTECH’s relatively low score in social responsibility 2 resulted in a second place overall ranking.
Social Responsibility represents the basic social responsibility of education institute such as educational condition, school fee, and accommodation. Educational condition takes the biggest part, including number of students per professor, ratio of professors, number of part-time lecturer per professor, ratio of lecture more than 100 students take, and salary for part-time lecturer. School fee is the second largest consideration. It accounts for the education fee per student, rate of increase of university expenses, percentage of students receiving scholar-ships, average amount of scholarship money per student, and amount of money which students actually pay. Accommodation is the least significant factor and contains the number of books in school library, number of books per student, book purchase fee per student, the number of accommodation facilities, and the extent to which students are “satisfied with life in the university.” In social responsibility 1, universities outside of Seoul earned higher scores than universities within Seoul. POSTECH (952.94), SNU (847.06), and KAIST (809.15) claimed the top 3 in this area. POSTECH earned the greatest score in education condition (505.88), accommodation (105.88), and students’ satisfaction (64.39).
Social Responsibility 2 consists of research, internationalization, and com-munication. Universities in Seoul outscored universities in other parts of the country. Research occupies 62.5% of social responsibility 2. The score includes the number of research papers per professor in domestic and international magazines, research result, amount of research supporting fee, and research funds per professor. Internationalization consists of 12.5% of the score and contains ratio of international professors and students, ratio of foreign students per class, and number of exchange students. Twenty-five pecent of social responsibility 2 is determined by communication, which consists of basic index of communication in lecture, gender ratio of faculties, ratio of non-regular workers, and facilities for handicapped students. SNU got 762.88 and Yonsei University received 731.76, the first and second rank respectively. POSTECH obtained 612.29 in total score, 419.08 in research, 61.18 in internationalization, and 132.03 in communication.