What Can Become a Student Club?
What Can Become a Student Club?
  • Reporter Park Seo-kyung
  • 승인 2012.12.05 18:32
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A club is a group of people who meet regularly with same profession or share the same interests. In POSTECH, there are about 50 clubs, focused on things ranging from music to study.
 At the end of October, the article about plan for employment club became a talking point, as what the qualification of becoming club is. Feeling sorry about study groups about employment that have come and go, although employment information at POSTECH is insufficient, some students of department IME planned this club. However, the controversy over whether a group purposing employment can become a club has arisen. Supporters of this club said, in order to systemically and consistently manage information about jobs uncommon for POSTECH graduates, such as CPA or law school, and convey advice of elders, becoming a club is better than remaining a study group. They also insisted, since existing career center, which has managed employment information, almost lost their role of conveying know-how and experience, and the meaning of club is the group of people who have the same purpose, there is nothing unreasonable. However, opponents said, employment information is role of career center and, it is contradiction that they planned club for the purpose of sharing information. Their most core issue is whether employment is in accord with the ideals of university and whether preparing employment is suitable for taking support of university. In short, generality of information and purpose were issue point. Then what is qualification to become club?
 Basically the club must be formed by students enrolled in POSTECH club association under the student union. Club association annually takes ten million KRW as support from university, and provides support fee, 250,000 to 300,000 KRW to each of the 50 clubs. The club must have a purpose that does not overlap other clubs’ purpose. The club must also be in accord with university and student regulations. In addition, clubs must have more than 15 members and an advisor professor. At the beginning of every term, club applications are submitted and enrolled as temporary clubs. After one year, if over 2/3 leaders of each 50 clubs agree about temporary club, that becomes regular club. Since the university regulation of POSTECH is developing creative talent through whole-person education, and student regulation is cultivating ability of self-governing and activating extracurricular activities, the purpose of club has wide range, from pursuing musicality and self-growth to promoting friendship. Therefore, the purpose of employment meets all the conditions if the club can get enough members and a professor advisor. Actually generality of information and purpose, the main issues raised my opponents, have nothing to do with qualification of becoming club. 
 Then the answer for whether purpose of employment can become club is positive. The employment club is now reformed to career club, with support of leadership center, which is combined with career center. Passing over only employment, the club named “A-li” will share information and experience along with students who are concerned about their career. However, besides the case of this club that met good ending, there is still doubt about the lenient standards used to determine which groups may or may not receive support from the university.