• Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2012.12.05 18:31
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As PSY’s Gangnam Style has become a hot issue ubiquitously, various versions of the music video have popped up. POSTECH, following suit, contributed its version released on Nov. 26. This was voluntarily organized by a few professors and students. Professor Suh Eui Ho (IME) said he “came up with the idea after observing MIT Style getting over 4 million hits on YouTube.” He had hoped that “this would help increase the awareness of POSTECH to other foreigners.” Prof. Suh and 7 other professors- Prof. Sunggi Baik (MSE), Prof. Sung young Chul (LIFE), Prof. Kim Dong Eon (PHYS), Prof. Kim Jong(CSE), Prof. Choi Kwan Yong (LIFE), Prof. Lee Chong Soo (GIFT), and Prof. Kim Sanguk (LIFE) sponsored six million KRW for the video to be taken. Although most of the scenes in Postech Style were taken by members of Ctrl-D, a student dance group, every member of POSTECH was invited to take part in the group scene. In the group scene, over 60 people participated. Among the 60, around a third was foreigners. Roy Imd Ramil and Andre Luiz indicated that they had “voluntarily participated” and explained how “this is both an interesting and new experience.” The President of Ctrl-D, Yoon Hojun (EEE 11), stated that “this was a fun experience” and “hopes that this will help contribute to raise the awareness of POSTECH.”

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