Korean Biologists Accurately Predict the Nobel Prize Winners
Korean Biologists Accurately Predict the Nobel Prize Winners
  • Reporter Chung Yu-sun
  • 승인 2012.11.07 12:33
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Attention has been gathered towards Korean Biologists, as they have correctly predicted the Nobel Prize Winners for Physiology or Medicine.
From Aug.to Oct., the Biology Research Information Center (BRIC) and Hankyoreh Science On surveyed BRIC researchers on whom they expected the Nobel Prize Winners would be in the fields of Physiology or Medicine and Chemistry. This is the third year that BRIC has organized this event.
The underlying reason for these surveys was to emphasize that the process of predicting the Nobel Prize winners has a profound meaning.Through such an event, BRIC hopes to provide a chance to discuss and foretell the modern trends in these fields of study.
Most of the BRIC researchers had recommended Professor Shinya Yamanaka (50) from Kyoto University’s Institute of Regenerative Medicine and the Director of Research John Gurdon (79) from Cambridge University as the Nobel Prize winners of Physiology or Medicine.