Gachibaewoom, Learning True Value of Life Through Volunteering
Gachibaewoom, Learning True Value of Life Through Volunteering
  • Chung Yu-sun
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Gachibaewoom is a student organization that strives to enhance the education of middle school students living in desolate areas near Pohang. A total of three middle schools, Jang-Gi Middle School, On-Jeong Middle School, and Seopo Middle School, have been recommended by the Office of Student Affairs to be selected as candidates in need of community service. Every Saturday, around thirty POSTECH students either go to those middle schools, or the middle school students are invited to POSTECH. Whether it is during regular semesters or vacation, the volunteers dedicate their entire day to perform community service. Each volunteer teaches general science and mathematics to a small group of middle school students. The volunteers usually educate the students in the form of a lecture. However, as lectures have their limits, Gachibaewoom hosts a three-day camp during the summer and winter breaks.
This year’s summer camp was held from Aug. 16 to 18. Various activities such as lab experiments were mostly held at the Hogil Kim Memorial Hall, and 78 middle school students were given a two-night stay at the RC dormitory. The topic of this camp was  ecofriendly energy and biology. On the first two days, around 16 POSTECH under- graduate students gave lectures on this matter and guided the middle school students in performing chemistry and physics experiments. Additionally, activities such as completing science missions and a science quiz were also organized. On the last day, the students were given a tour of POSCO and its museum. Afterwards, the students had an opportunity to meet graduate students as well.
Most of the middle school students’ responses regarding the camp were positive. Some of the responses were that the camp was “fun,” and that “it helped me think more creatively.” From the volunteer’s perspective, the community service had its ups and downs. Seo Ye-Seong (CE 11) gave his opinion on the matter. In order to teach the students, the volunteers had to give up most of their time on Fridays and Saturdays even during the summer break. It becomes especially difficult during the school semesters. However, as the volunteers can observe their students’ progress, it makes the whole experience worthwhile. Furthermore, it provides a chance to meet different people, enriching the experience.