Special Lecture Given by Hyung Soo Kim, CEO of Tree Planet
Special Lecture Given by Hyung Soo Kim, CEO of Tree Planet
  • Reporter Reo Ye-jin
  • 승인 2012.06.07 18:54
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CEO Hyung Soo Kim of Tree Planet came to introduce his business and mobile application on May 25 at 4 PM in room 308 at Hogil Kim Memorial Hall.
Tree Planet is a social venture through which real trees are planted if people plant trees using an application on smart phones. Park founded the company when he was 23 years old, and he won a prize in the Global Social Venture Competition. His was also selected as an official application of UN and G20 Summit. The application has been widely introduced to POSTECH students this year through the recent school festival.
Tree Planet is a game that can be played via smart phones or Facebook. Players can plant trees for free and real trees will be planted in the forest with advertising cost sponsored by several ventures supplying water pump and nutrition in the game. Therefore, people can learn how trees are actually planted and grow in detail and become concerned about deforestation. Until now about 300,000 trees were planted online and 150,000 trees were planted in the real world. The forests were produced in not only Korea, but also in Indonesia,  Africa, and Mongolia where 200,000 more trees will be planted this summer. Park hopes that it can appeal to more people since Tree Planet can lead a big difference in the world.
After the lecture, a dinner and some snacks were provided for participants at Phoenix Restaurant on the fifth floor of POSCO International Center.