Why Ji-Gok Community Center Should Be Open 24 Hours
Why Ji-Gok Community Center Should Be Open 24 Hours
  • Min Hoon Kim
  • 승인 2012.06.07 18:49
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I’d like to begin this short essay with the event that happened a few years ago. It was a cold winter night around 4:30 AM. I was reading in the Tae-Joon Park Digital Library. Feeling a bit tired, I stopped reading the book and surfed on line at the circle-shaped area of the 5th floor.
All of a sudden, I was startled as I found a few people holding my bag by the entrance.  I immediately assumed they were stealing my bag.  “Why are you stealing my bag?” I said. They responded, “We are really sorry. We drank in Hyo Ja Market and want to have some more beer on the 6th floor. Because of the guard at the entrance, we wanted to use your big bag to carry beer into the library.” I could sympathize with them in a certain sense even though it was a truly annoying situation for me.
Having only single-sex dormitories, we, POSTECH students, have no place but Ji-Gok Community Center to hang out with opposite-sex friends.  We, however, are not allowed to enter the hall between 2 AM and 7:30 AM. We may use the Snack Bar in the Student Union building beyond the 78-Stairs or the convenient store in the POSPLEX. We can indeed arrive at these places in ten minutes from our dorms. The problem is that those places are psychologically way too far from residences; the very existence of 78-Stairs and the detour routes to the convenient store.
The nice solution would be allowing us to enter Ji-Gok Community Center at all 24 hours like Snack Bar using POSTECH ID cards. I don’t know why Ji-Gok Community Center is locked from 2 AM to 7:30 AM. In my personal opinion, it is an unnecessary policy. I guess it comes from the hope that POSTECH students might have a regular life pattern with that policy. In my personal opinion, opening Ji-Gok Community Center for 24 hours has two positive effects. First, our friendship becomes stronger. We can share our emotion by talking in the dawn. Second, the illegal dormitory entrance of different sex would decrease. A few days ago, one woman entered her boyfriend’s dormitory against the POSTECH dormitory rule. One student who witnessed her expressed his embarrassment in PosB, our informal BBS. When I read his post, I recalled my personal embarrassment and I thought that these happenings are originated from the fact that there are few places that men and women could enter together in POSTECH at night.