Special, Uncommon Lecture of Potter
Special, Uncommon Lecture of Potter
  • Reporter Lee Sang-min
  • 승인 2011.11.23 18:48
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One of the most famous artists in Korea, Yoon Kwang Cho conducted a lecture about the history of Korean pottery and its future. It was held in the POSCO International Center on Nov. 3.

Born in 1946, Yoon is known for his extraordinary works in the grayish blue powdered celadon, called Buncheong Ware. He was selected as ‘the Artist of this year’ by National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea in 2004. Many renowned galleries including Metropolitan Museum of Art and British Museum own his major masterpieces.

Buncheong Ware is an intermediate style of pottery whose order of development is between celadon and white porcelain. Being popular in the early Chosun Dynastry of 14th century, it is baked like celadon but painted like white porcelain. However, its degree of freedom and expression technique are still unique.