Share with Loved Ones on Pepero Day!
Share with Loved Ones on Pepero Day!
  • Reporter Reo Ye-jin
  • 승인 2011.11.23 18:32
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Did you enjoy Pepero Day with your loved ones? Every 11th day of November is called Pepero Day in Korea. It is similar to Valentine’s Day but couples exchange Pepero rather than chocolate.

A stick-shaped Pepero is covered with chocolate syrup at the top. Firstly, Lotte Confectionery, one of the biggest food companies in Korea. got inspiration from the Japanese cookie called Pocky and produced Pepero massively since 1963. As its shape looks like 1, 11/11 resembles that there are four sticks of Pepero; therefore, Nov. 11 is called Pepero Day. Moreover, many young couples enjoy it as a special holiday. This year, it was even more unique than a normal Pepero Day. Since the day for this year is on 2011/11/11, there are triple eleven and the day happens once in thousand years, called as the millennium Pepero Day. 

Despite an attempt at a romantic mood, Confectionery companies control the market and influence people to purchase many Pepero in order to share with those they love. As a result, there is also a wave that some people are endeavoring to change the Pepero Day to Garaetteok Day alternatively. Garaetteock is the Korean traditional food which is a long cluster of white rice, and its consumption can increase through creating Garaetteock Day. 

There was an event in which students living in Residential College (RC) learned about cooking Pepero in Lotte Department Store in Haksan-dong on Nov. 6 before the Pepero Day. As there were many students who wanted to participate in this lesson, it was processed two different times: 1P.M. and 4 P.M In each class, about 20 people including both genders learned a recipe for Pepero. They were taught how to make the dough for the cookie stick, baked it in the oven at 175°C, and then they melted both dark and white chocolate separately and dipped the baked sticks into the chocolate syrup. Finally they decorated the basic Pepero with small sweet powder and dried it. Eu-suk Kim (CE ’10) said, “I was lucky to participate in this kind of uncommon event and had fun while making Pepero with my friends. It was a great experience before the Pepero Day.”