Prized International Public Design Award to Prof. You's Team
Prized International Public Design Award to Prof. You's Team
  • Reporter Reo Ye-jin
  • 승인 2011.11.02 22:51
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A POSTECH team led by Professor You Heecheon of the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering was awarded 2011 International Public Design Award Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix in the area of human engineering. 
 The Grand Prix was given for a fight suit design created by POSTECH Team, Kyungpook National University Clothing & Textiles team, and Air Force Academy System Technology team jointly. They considered the size and the pattern of clothes suited to Korean body types and systematically applied it to a flight suit.

The POSTECH team also worked with the Department of Neurology from Samsung Hospital, the Seedtech, and the Xtronint research team and invented a music game console called ‘Smart Mu’ for promotion of brain health. People can enjoy games with the game machine by watching timing bar, moved by flow of the music and shaking an electronic wireless stick. The Junior Grand Prix was given to this invention.

The ceremony awarding the prize was held in Sangnok Resort on Oct. 21.