Step With All the Fresh Changes
Step With All the Fresh Changes
  • Reporter Lee Sang-min
  • 승인 2011.09.06 12:42
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It was a really gloomy and humid summer with frequent rainfall. Many people, perhaps more than I, have been looking forward to the coming of fall. Even though it is far from what we have expected, this fall there are a lot of events from its start, especially for The Postech Times. We welcome the new publisher, also the new president, President Yongmin Kim. In addition, two more happy occasions are to come.

After the former Editor-in-chief Kim Eun-ji, I was appointed as The Postech Times? third Editor-in-chief last July. Only I can be seen in the commemorative photograph taken two years ago. Being the chief as the last among founders means itself not only the same fame, but also responsibility to maintain developed newspapers for juniors. Moreover, The Postech Times, first published in Sep. 2 2009, now greets its second anniversary; meeting two occasions together makes me seriously think about what kind of special meaning I should give.

Among commonly known Korean proverbs, there is one which says, ‘You can’t put new wines in old bottles.’ In contrast to the first anniversary with self-congratulation and feeling of relief on finishing the first year without any problem, I hope The Postech Times has the turning point at the second anniversary, preparing new wines to achieve further developments in the future. Just at the same moment the new presidency starts and the new editor is appointed, I would like to gratefully accept it as new bottles are now ready.

A year from now should be the time of transition for publishing better newspapers. For the last two years, we have made an effort to define which subjects and stories correspond to our vocation in the POSTECH society. On the other hand, another integral part of journalism is how to deliver contents to readers, which has not been sufficient, and that’s why we have stuck to the old newspaper platform, which is little bit uncomfortable and steady.

Nothing can be more unfortunate than if carefully written articles are not broadly read by readers because of poor delivery. There should be a way to draw readers’ attention when they are trying to pass the article and see the next page, and the best tool for that is of course visual aid. Thus, The Postech Times will attempt to raise the proportion of photos and illustrations, and prepare well-fit typesetting formats for them.

Inauguration of a new president who worked as a professor in the United States implies a lot, in my opinion. It means the passion for globalization is getting bigger since the last presidency of Sunggi Baik, who always stressed to achieve globalization. Following this path, the importance of a bilingual campus will be much more emphasized and it is reasonable for The Postech Times to lead the way by reporting campus news and maintaining records in an international official language. True role and responsibility of The Postech Times will continue grow larger and larger.

I’d like to help make a really outstanding turning point. Having made the first steps with such fresh changes naturally looks like a sign of desired changes.

Editor-in-chief Lee Sang-min