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Living at POSTECH is a great experience, even though it has been difficult at times. I am actually teaching English off-campus, but I get to live at POSTECH because my husband is a student here. Compared to other English teachers, I consider myself lucky because I get to live at POSTECH with my husband instead of in the city. The attractive campus, international community, and ongoing improvements make any hardships worth going through.

First of all, the campus is really pretty. All the different colors and shapes of the trees and plants, as well as the rocks and sidewalks, make walking around campus pleasurable, and almost worth climbing those 78 stairs! Also, I like the pond next to the Jigok Community Center, with all the fish to feed and the cute trail around it. I just wish those yellow circles that make up the trail were more level with the ground so I could look at the scenery instead of watching my step the whole time so I don’t trip or sprain my ankle!

Also, meeting people from all over the world is an invaluable opportunity. Sometimes DICE or the POSTECH International Relations office organize activities that are really fun, like the I-PUB International Food and Drinks event held in May. Sometimes we plan on our own, too, to go out to eat, sing karaoke, or go bowling. Being able to network with so many friends is really beneficial. When people find good places to go, whether for food, entertainment, or even medical care, they’ll let you know.

Furthermore, there are two major improvements to POSTECH that I am looking forward to: POSTECH becoming a bilingual campus and the construction of a swimming pool. They are seemingly unrelated, but both things I was really hoping for. A reduction in the language barrier and access to a swimming pool will greatly increase my satisfaction with living on campus.

Although we are happily settled in now, it did take a while. When we arrived almost two years ago, we had to furnish our entire apartment, and it took quite a lot of comparison-shopping at second-hand stores to find everything we needed, like a fridge, gas stove, washing machine, couch, and bed. We tried to get by without some things for a while, only to end up buying them all later anyway. Now the university provides a gas stove and washing machine, which is another big improvement, but it still isn’t easy to furnish an apartment in a foreign country.

Overall, living at POSTECH is good and is only going to get better. We’re so content here now that we’ve even contemplated staying longer than planned. I have slowly but surely learned how and where to get the things I need. The longer we’re here, the better it gets, because we find more places to go, things to do, and people to see.  And with summer FINALLY approaching, we will be getting out a lot more and enjoying all that POSTECH and Pohang have to offer!






 Anna Davami (USA)