Cheer Up with Vitamin! Vitamin day held for Postechians
Cheer Up with Vitamin! Vitamin day held for Postechians
  • Reporter Reo Ye-jin
  • 승인 2011.05.04 12:25
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▲ Health aid is offering some vitamins to students.

A great event was held in POSTECH to reinforce Postechians’ health and level of immunity through midterm exam period and the change of seasons. It was conducted from Apr. 15 to Apr. 22 from the infirmary, with health aid providing free multiple vitamins which are good for relieving fatigue. Due to a positive response of the event, POSTECH is planning to keep holding the event four times a year during the change of seasons.

In addition, having designated a ‘Day for Prevention of Adult Diseases’, POSTECH offers urine, blood pressure, blood-sugar and cholesterol level tests every month for free in order to discover diseases such as hypertension and diabetes early. A health administrator promised that POSTECH will do its best for prevention and early discovery of diseases by hosting health event on a regular basis, claiming “Health is most important for Postechians, studying and working hard in laboratories for a long time.”