Newcomer’s Decisions and Wishes
Newcomer’s Decisions and Wishes
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Even before their arrival to Korea, The Postech Times asked  arriving exchange and graduate students why they chose POSTECH and what they expect from their stay in Korea.

⊙ Jin Bo (China, ITCE)

The reason I chose POSTECH is, first, I was attracted by the major offered at POSTECH, which is ITCE.
When I was in college, I attended lectures concerning the ubiquitous environment and bio-nano devices applied for U-health. So then I tried to search for a university that could fulfill my study in this field. Second, one of my schoolmates who has already been in POSTECH recommended for me to come.

Although it’s hard to answer now what I would want to achieve in the future at POSTECH, I is to be one of contributors in the study and research of U-health and U-environment.

⊙ Fatemeh Masoumi (Iran, MSE)

I came to POSTECH in 2010 for NUMIFORM Conference, and since then I got interested in continuing my education here. One of the important issues for anyone who wants to continue her education in a foreign country is the environment and the culture of that country. I found out that the weather conditions in South Korea are good compared with other countries. In addition, South Korea is among the top 15 of developed countries, and also POSTECH ranks within the top 30 in a world university ranking surveyed by The Times. These parameters induced me to choose POSTECH as a university for my Ph.D education.

I am really interested in finding solutions for today is problems, and also acquiring modern knowledge, especially in the biomaterial field, to help solving medical problems. I found out through my evaluations of POSTECH’s published papers that this university has taken big steps in this direction. As a result, I hope that I can solve some health problems by doing my Ph.D research, and  I also hope that this research can be successfully applied.

⊙ Pham Ngoc Vinh (Vietnam, IBB)

As an intern at POSTECH Life Science for three months last year, I was quickly impressed by the working environments in Korea. Significantly, POSTECH is one of the most prestigious biological universities in Korea, where I can find many of the best minds of the country’s youth in the field of biology. Naturally, the academic competition is fierce in this university. I think I will have a great chance to learn with famous scholars and excellent students, and simultaneously acquire precious experience. The IBB graduate program is very compatible with my background and research interest.

I truly think that studying in POSTECH will help fulfill my desire to become a refined scientist, which will prepare me for better contributions and applications to real life, especially in terms of plant molecular genetics.

⊙ Humaira Seema (Pakistan, CHEM)

I am an award winning young researcher in Pakistan. My ultimate aim is to bring relief to poor and destitute people. After participating in the 59th Nobel Laureates meeting in Germany in 2009, I was approached by many to consider completing a Ph.D in Germany, England or Australia. However, I was looking for a university which can be supportive, accommodative and internationally reputed.

POSTECH in South Korea was indeed an eye catcher for me. It is an internationally renowned university, and as a Pakistani Muslim who wears a hijab, I thought I would feel comfortable to commence studies without any interference of colour, creed or religion. South Korea is a vibrant society with an enchanting culture, full of warmth and courtesy.

I hope to pursue my research on nanotechnology in material sciences. It is indeed an honour to be able to do a Ph.D at a top Asian university.

⊙ Roman Geier (Austria, CHEM)

My decision of coming to POSTECH all began from a summer school in the US. The chemistry department in my university, Graz Austria, has good relations with the University of Syracuse NY and I was lucky to go there. We had a very interesting summer in the States. After that summer, I wanted to do an exchange semester and the question was where. I wanted something special I did not want to stay in Europe, if possible. So I checked what my university was offering and there I found Korea. The country is well known for its high-tech industry, but with the people and the culture, I had no contact before. I learned more about Korea and found out that this could be the right choice. I am excited how the experience will be and what kind of adventure is awaiting me.