[1st Anniversary] Congratulations on the First Anniversary!
[1st Anniversary] Congratulations on the First Anniversary!
  • Dr. Daniel Suh
  • 승인 2010.09.01 15:43
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The Postech Times reached a milestone, the first anniversary of its publication.  The milestone is recognized, not for the time elapsed since its inception, but for the accomplishment of its mission and the contributions to the POSTECH community. 

POSTECH President Baik stated the objective of The Postech Times in the first issue: the new publication will open for the growing international population on campus the window to absorb the current affairs and issues of the University, offering a means to get further involved, speak their views, and weigh institutional policies as full-fledged Postechians. 
My review of all past 14 issues convinced me that the objective had been accomplished. Job well done, The Postech Times! Here I share my personal thoughts on how the POSTECH community could be better served in the second year and beyond.

First, expand the readership to the entire POSTECH community. POSTECH puts in a large amount of resources to enhance Postechians’ English competency.  It’s a highly good habit for all Postechians to regularly read a variety of English articles.  Why not offer The Postech Times as an information source and also valuable English materials all Postechians look for?

Second, integrate duplicate articles in both languages into the English edition.  Our Postechinas generally have good reading competency. An integration of duplicates would releases space for the Korean edition; the released space could be large enough for an additional English page.  We get more bang for the buck.

Third, put together various news in a section with a short summary; the interested reader could further look for details somewhere else.  The change would release space, and would better fit with a tri-weekly publication; The Postech Times would be more valuable as a news magazine with relatively time-invariant articles.

Fourth, create an English-speaking environment for The Postech Times staff, albeit limited.  For example, in the office, the staff use English only - for all matters, including documents, reports, and presentations. Such a self-imposed practice would become a shining example in POSTECH’s bilingual campus.

Congratulations again, The Postech Times!

Dr. Daniel Suh