GIFT Ferrous Engineering Building Opens
GIFT Ferrous Engineering Building Opens
  • Reporter Ahn Joon-hyung
  • 승인 2009.09.02 13:18
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Postech’s Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology (GIFT), the only ferrous education and research institute in the world, begins a new step as the world’s ferrous research Mecca with the completion of its new Ferrous Engineering Building, containing a research building and an experiment building.

Postech held a ceremony for the completion of the 'GIFT Ferrous Engineering Building' on June 30th, with guests and staff of the university such as Chan-mo Park (Chief Pirector of NRF), Seung-ho Park (Mayor of Pohang), Joon-yang Jeong (CEO of Posco), Oh-joon Kwon (Dean of RIST), Sung-gi Baik (President of Postech), Goo-taik Lee (Chief Director of Postech), Dae-gong Lee (Chief Director of the Posco Education Foundation), and others.

This building with 11 special laboratories will be used to develop the future core technologies in connection with Posco’s ferrous technology strategy, and be used to carry out the 'Posco-Postech Ferrous Innovation Program' which will train world-class human resources.

This building was designed to reflect a characteristic of GIFT in which a great scholar professor conducts research with several other professors and students as a group. Every laboratory was arranged on a group-basis, and the laboratories of each group were arranged in 'ㄱ‘ shape. Communication spaces such as seminar rooms were set in common places to encourage communication among researchers. Furthermore, this building was designed to reduce energy consumption by taking light from the sun in the daytime, and was designed to prepare for safety accidents by disclosing water and gas supply equipments.

"The design of this research building was based on “openness” and “accessibility,” so everyone can express his or her creative ideas and suggestions. The appearance of this building takes the shape of a melting furnace and an anvil, and will make the general public feel friendly toward ferrous researches," explained Hae-geon Lee (Dean of GIFT).

Postech’s GIFT is confident that through the completion of the exclusive-use research building, GIFT will become a 'world-class ferrous education and research Mecca' by upgrading the quality of education and research.

"Postech will contribute to make Posco world No.1 in the steel industry through the establishment of technological competitiveness and the creation of core source technologies by running GIFT,” said Sung-gi Baik (President of Postech). He continued, "I firmly believe that this ferrous engineering building would be an epoch-making help to the reinforcement of international competitiveness of the Korean steel industry, the promotion of technology innovation, and the education of high class brains."

Postech’s GIFT has produced a total of 524 ferrous technology graduates, including 73 foreign students, during the 15 years since it was opened in March, 1995.


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