Sparks With Passion and Youth of Postechians
Sparks With Passion and Youth of Postechians
  • Reporter Kim Ri-ahn
  • 승인 2024.05.22 10:55
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▲CHEERO performing at the 2024 Sunrise Festival
▲CHEERO performing at the 2024 Sunrise Festival

  The 2024 Sunrise Festival, under the motto of “SPARK”, clearly made our fellow Postechians’ hearts spark with passion and youth. The two-day festival, held May 9 to 10, was full of eventful activities, breathtaking performances, and the staging produced and performed by our school members was certainly one of the biggest highlights of the festival.

  It was school stage clubs that lit up the stage with various performances on the first day. Singing club VOCES marked the beginning of the staging, filling the campus with enchanting music. Songs beloved by the public, including “Confession” by 4MEN were performed by the groups of club members with beautiful harmony. Another music club, GT LOVE, also showcased a truly remarkable performance, accompanied by instruments that harmonized perfectly with the song.

  Not only music clubs but also the dance club CTRL-D performed on the stage as the night got dark and the atmosphere of the festival heated up. As student pubs run by different clubs and departments started opening and people started to get caught up with excitement, the dance performance given by CTRL-D “sparked” the mood once again. Jazz club Blue Peanuts also staged a captivating performance of jazz-style music. The songs themselves were perfect, but their skills to lead the stage, including arranging solo performance time for skilled instrumental performers, added charm to the stage. In addition, “Flying Deep in the Night” by Lee Moon-sae, a song that has been beloved for so long, was a great finale to the performance.

  The night ended with a performance given by P-FUNK, a hip-hop club at our school. Even after the performances ended, the excitement evoked by the performances continued to last until late at night, with music given by DJs.

  Following the performances given by clubs, performances by individual school members were given as the second day of the festival brightened. During the day, events such as The King of Mask Singer in POSTECH and POSKING were held, where Postechians showed their hidden talent and potential. Similar to the show “King of Mask Singer”, The King of Mask Singer in POSTECH presented participants who were masked while singing. POSKING was also filled with great songs, including rock music and K-pop, elevating the mood of the festival.

  The heat of the festival continued to the last and performance clubs showcased the outcome of their hard work once again. UMCHI, an a cappella club of our school enchanted the audience with a delightful melody, proving its authority as the one-and-only a cappella club of POSTECH. The school musical club, OPCA, showcased numbers from classical musical pieces, including the musical “Marie Curie.” While the performances from the two groups introduced the audiences to genres of staging that are not familiar to most of the public, the performances of Bremen presented yet another charm of familiarity. Songs that Bremen performed, such as “Voyage” by Yudabin Band, were perfect to bring the audiences together, and the performance of STEELER, a school rock band club, made everyone extremely excited; raised the atmosphere of the festival to a peak. Also, performances by CHEERO, a school cheerleading club, brought us Postechians tightly together. The grand final of the 2024 Sunrise Festival was completed by the singer Ailee, who presented a great performance of songs and dance.

  The stagings of the festival were a truly remarkable experience for many Postechians, and left a spark inside our minds, which, hopefully, will energize fellow Postechians whenever they encounter difficulties and setbacks.