Reporter Column: The Last Dance: How to Face the End
Reporter Column: The Last Dance: How to Face the End
  • Editor-in-Chief Yim O-Jung
  • 승인 2024.02.29 12:05
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▲Editor-in-Chief Yim O-Jung
▲Editor-in-Chief Yim O-Jung



  Michael Jordan, the iconic basketball legend, and greatest of all time, rose to fame during his tenure with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s. From his beginnings as an outstanding college player at the University of North Carolina to his meteoric rise as a global sports icon, Jordan’s career was defined by six NBA championships, five MVP awards, and 10 scoring leaders. The Last Dance, directed by Jason Hehir, deals with Michael Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls in 1997-1998, alongside his subsequent retirement announcement.

  I am also preparing for my own last dance. Since my first article was posted on Sept. 5, 2021, my three-year life as a reporter of The Postech Times is coming to a close with 36 articles. I participated in 27 issues from issue 147 to issue 173 and led 12 of them as the Editor-in-Chief. Looking back, I put a lot of effort into my three years as a reporter. I met many good friends, but there were also a few moments I felt sorry about. Now my term is coming to an end regardless of my will, and one of the biggest parts of my campus life falls apart.

  During my term, I put a lot of effort into making the reporters I lead work more efficiently and comfortably, and to advance our internal system. But I do not think I have come up with an appropriate answer to a problem where the fruits of our hard work are read by more and more people. I hope that my successor can find an answer. After finishing the projects that I started and took over, my last task, this issue, was also completed with my best. Shakespeare left a play called All’s Well That Ends Well. I also wish this issue to end well, and my last dance to be good.

  Let’s get back to Jordan. The Last Dance, as everyone knows, was not the last time we could see Jordan on the court. He came back to the Wizards, not the Bulls. His return to the court with the Washington Wizards in 2001 followed a three-year hiatus after The Last Dance. Initially joining the Wizards as part-owner and president of basketball operations, Jordan later announced his comeback as a player, signing a two-year contract. Despite his age and time away from the court, everyone welcomed his return, and it brought excitement to fans. 

  In his real final season, every game became a farewell ceremony. And in his last, Jordan went to the bench about four minutes before the end of the game, putting on a jacket. Spectators who filled the stadium stood up and shouted, “We want MIKE.” Jordan eventually took off his jacket and went back on as a substitute. To him, Eric Snow of the Philadelphia 76ers deliberately committed a light foul. With his consideration, and respect for the legend, Jordan had one last chance to score in front of the fans.

  I am sure you will be waiting for your last dance, too. And I hope that one day when you come back to your court, everyone will welcome you. Prepare a wonderful last dance for such a beautiful moment to come.