POSTECH Microscope: Christmas Arrives at POSTECH - Bright Lights and Winter Nights
POSTECH Microscope: Christmas Arrives at POSTECH - Bright Lights and Winter Nights
  • Reporter Kim Jin-Seong
  • 승인 2024.01.01 19:43
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▲Christmas trees and night lighting neer RIST
▲Christmas trees and night lighting neer RIST

  It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas at POSTECH! The Christmas season, the most wonderful time of the year when the most beloved events happen, POSTECH shines even at night with studies, assignments, and research. Heartwarming Christmas decorations have been placed around the campus to put Postechians in the spirit of the season. Whether you think you are on the nice or naughty list, everyone deserves to get in the spirit of the season. The Postech Times contacted Bae-geun Kim of General Affairs to ask how POSTECH has prepared such heartwarming pop-up events to put everyone in the Christmas spirit.


  Introduction to Christmas Pop-up Events
  Our university traditionally installs Christmas trees around December. While I am not sure why and when this Christmas tree installation started, it could be a gesture to enjoy a collective sense of belonging and community both within our community and the wider population. President Seong Keun Kim mentioned that this year’s Christmas tree should be made of the highest quality of all time, but the scale had to be reduced due to budget constraints. Fortunately, we successfully prepared the ceremony with the full support of the POSTECH LINC 3.0. Through this interview, I would like to thank POSTECH LINC 3.0.
  The General Affairs office planned the tree decoration around the Mueunjae Memorial Hall. By placing these decorations around the heart of the university area, we aimed to provide a warm atmosphere for the staff and students involved in demanding academic studies and administrative tasks. Additionally, by opening this space to the public, including the local community, we hope to offer a warm welcome and get everyone feeling festive. 


  The Tree Lighting Ceremony
  On Nov. 24, the outdoor tree lighting ceremony kicked off at 5 P.M. with approximately 200 university members. The Christmas tree will continue to light up POSTECH’s winter nights until Jan. 15, 2024. On Dec. 19, POSTECH and RIST collaborated to install Christmas trees and night lighting for the Brutalism landscapes between the buildings of the two institutions. Representatives from both organizations attended the lighting ceremony on this day. The Christmas pop-up events are planned to continue into the following year. There are plans for further evolution that are sure to put everyone in the Christmas spirit. 


  Other Christmas Pop-up Events - Christmas Markets and Ugly Sweater Parties
  We have not fully developed the concepts yet, but I think it is a great idea. In addition to the tree lighting ceremony and decorations, it would be nice to have a connected event. If the opportunity arises, I hope it can lead to a meaningful event by discussing it with the campus community, including professors, students, and staff.