POSTECH Dining - Then and Now
POSTECH Dining - Then and Now
  • Reporter Kim Jin-Seong
  • 승인 2023.09.27 07:04
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▲Haedong-Aurum Hall / The Department of Food Services
▲Haedong-Aurum Hall / The Department of Food Services

  POSTECH operates and manages facilities for the welfare of Postechians. The Department of Food Services in the Office of Business Affairs went through difficulties from COVID-19, and underwent a series of changes, and is still dealing with the aftermath. Currently, the department operates restaurants, convenience stores, cafes, the e-sports Colosseum, and more. Haedong-Aurum Hall, Full-course meals, Haedong-Aurum Hall, Geu Yeo Deun, and Oasis especially take up a large portion of Postechians’ dining.
  Before COVID-19, Geu Yeo Deun had the advantage of offering weekly menu rotations, providing a diverse range of culinary tastes. However, changing the menu frequently resulted in lower satisfaction with taste. The surplus of ingredients often went to waste due to the constant menu adjustments, thereby contributing to elevated pricing.
  To address this, the department is introducing new menus after COVID-19, ensuring both taste and pricing through internal assessments by the Department of Food Services. Therefore, the Department of Food Services kindly asked for an understanding of the longer release cycle. With the start of the fall semester, periodically controversial issues over food services are emerging. 
  The change of menu continues to evoke controversy. As Geu Yeo Deun launches a new menu, some of the existing popular menu items must be discontinued. Even though this change can offer the opportunity for Postechians to try a new menu instead of the existing options, it might be disappointing for some when a previously beloved menu is replaced by something new.
  The Department of Food Services emphasized that the introduction of the new menu is an effort to alleviate menu monotony and offer a wider variety of options. Additionally, the department also shared that menus are being relaunched in consideration of preferences on the student cafeteria feedback bulletin board and seasonal menu offerings.
  The Postech Times conducted a survey on dining at POSTECH. Among 34 responses, 67.6% were satisfied with POSTECH dining and 32.4% were not. The response to the question about finding the best menu varied a lot. Including multiple votes, 19 menus were mentioned. The top two menu items were Corn Cheese Chicken Fried Rice, 6 votes, and Garlic Boiled Pork Wraps, 5 votes. Many Postechians pointed out the long lines and hygiene issues. Some suggested staffing and pursuing better efficiency. 
  The long lines are becoming more and more prevalent. In 2022, the department expanded food service facilities by preparing additional food server tables alongside the existing two. A waiting line was drawn on the floor to help clearly disperse the waiting line.  The department expected that more students will use the meal corner in the second semester and hired an additional cook during the vacation to ensure smooth food preparation and distribution.
  The Department of Food Services places the utmost importance on hygiene. An annual contract with CESCO to conduct monthly hygiene inspections was established this year to ensure a consistently healthy hygiene standard. Furthermore, the department is in the process of replacing kitchen cooking equipment for smooth food preparation. The department had concerns regarding high production costs resulting in a deficit in Haedong-Aurum Hall, Full-course meals and all staff members are working hard to address this problem. For now, they are trying to close the deficit with the profits from other branches. The Department of Food Services kindly requested students to recognize these circumstances and efforts. Also, the team encouraged Postechians to frequently dine in other branches and enjoy the meals.