Let Us Build Greater Happiness Together in 2023
Let Us Build Greater Happiness Together in 2023
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▲President Moo Hwan Kim
▲President Moo Hwan Kim

 The new day of 2023 has dawned and the journey of a Postechian starts afresh on this very day. It is my wish that you will begin this journey with the anticipation of any traveler and move towards your goal with vigor. 
 As I reflect on the past year, I realize that my greatest joy was finally returning to campus after two years. Apart from our new direction of Metaversity, enjoying each other’s company in person brings a sense of warmth to our lives. While many Postechians missed being on campus, our university has implemented several changes to make campus life more enjoyable for our students. If these changes made you smile a bit more and gave pride to our alumni, it would be the greatest reward to our faculty, staff, and partner organizations. I sincerely thank everyone who led the change together. 
 Dear members of the POSTECH community!
 2023 will bring new winds of change to POSTECH. It has been my absolute pleasure serving as the president of POSTECH since 2019. It is because POSTECH has been built together with dedicated members of faculty working tirelessly to create a better world, fearless students moving forward for the future they dream of, and staff members, researchers, and partner organizations who faithfully supported all these efforts. This ‘power of together’ granted us the wisdom to turn the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19 into a brilliant opportunity. 
 The POSTECH that Postechians have built together is now ready for its second leap; and it will be fueled by the budget of nearly 500 billion KRW (USD 400 million), which has been allocated for the year 2023. My sincere gratitude to the POSTECH Foundation who deeply understand our blueprint and for their huge support, and to the professors who have devoted themselves to research. 
 Soon, the freshman class of 2020 who experienced various restrictions due to COVID-19 will participate in CES 2023 in Las Vegas. I hope the students will finetune their goals and carve their own paths at the epicenter of the latest technologies that move the world. I also hope that the POSTECH booth will act as a launchpad for the startup companies of our alumni and students and showcase their products that they have long worked on.
 In 2023, we will have a new place on campus where the past and future intersect. The history hall named POSTECH 1986 will open in the Tae-Joon Park Digital Library in January 2023. It is a space designed to spotlight the beginning and growth of POSTECH and to inspire dreams in those who visit. I hope it will become a meaningful place not only for Postechians, but also for the general public. 
 We will also continue to take on the challenge of convergence education and research to respond to this era of rapid change. As part of this initiative, the Department of Semiconductor Engineering and two new programs – the Medical Science and Engineering Program and the Defense Science and Technology Program – will newly open in the School of Convergence Science and Technology in 2023. The Department of Semiconductor Engineering is established in cooperation with Samsung Electronics and will raise experts to lead Korea’s semiconductor industry. 
 The Medical Science and Engineering Program will lead advancements in medical science and biomedical engineering by connecting our school’s capabilities in different biomedical fields. The Defense Science and Technology Program, at the forefront of developing advanced technology, will be established to secure national security and pursue technological advancement by linking various research at POSTECH with defense science.
 Continuing into the new year, new projects are well underway to make the lives of our members more enjoyable and to brighten the future of POSTECH, including renovations for the Laboratories Complex Area. I ask for your continued effort to bring these projects to a success. 
 Benjamin Disraeli once said, “Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.” Let us continue to understand and respect the differences amongst us to create greater happiness for Postechians in the new year. 
 In the year 2023, the Year of the Rabbit, I wish you and all your loved ones a healthier and happier new year.

 January 1, 2023
 Moo Hwan Kim
 President of POSTECH