POSTECH Microscope: The Baristas of Coffee Nearme
POSTECH Microscope: The Baristas of Coffee Nearme
  • Reporter Han Sang-yun
  • 승인 2022.01.07 01:04
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▲Nam Chun-hee (left), Yang Soon-young, Woo Seong-hwa
▲Nam Chun-hee (left), Yang Soon-young, Woo Seong-hwa


The Postech Times met the three baristas of Coffee Nearme, the cafe at the Student Union Building of POSTECH.

Please introduce yourself.
(Nam) Hello, I’m Nam Chun-hee, the manager of Coffee Nearme.
(Yang) I’m Yang Soon-young, a barista of Coffee Nearme.
(Woo) I’m barista Woo Seong-hwa.
What is your job at Coffee Nearme?
(Nam) As a manager, I am in charge of the store. My job is to manage the store in various ways. First, I establish a store operation plan by analyzing the sales and SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat). I create strategies to manage current customers and attract new customers. I am also in charge of managing employees; hiring new employees and training them. In terms of finance, I manage store profits and losses, and plan and implement seasonal promotions.
(Yang) I brew coffee and make drinks in the bar, and I am in charge of managing the store with manager Nam. 
(Woo) I’m working as a barista at the Press in the Mechanical Experiment Building as well as Coffee Nearme at the Student Union Building.

When do you feel most rewarded?
(Nam) I am happy when students and employees give warm compliments, such as “Please run the store at POSTECH and do not leave.” Some customers take pictures of the coffee I made, and others ask if they can get a refill because they love the taste. The most important feedback for me is the evaluation on the taste of the coffee. Whenever customers give good evaluations on the coffee I made, I feel most rewarded.
(Yang) I feel the best when many customers visit our cafe often. It is also rewarding when customers drink coffee that I made and tell me they enjoyed drinking it. In addition, when I remember the customers who come often, I feel like I became closer to them.
(Woo) When the orders pile up, I have to make lots of ordered drinks at once. After I finish them all and clean the grinder and the machine I used, I feel proud of myself. It is also satisfying to see the customers constantly visit our store even if new cafés, which are our competitors, open on campus.

What is the most memorable experience in Coffee Nearme?
(Nam) After launching the strawberry latte, some students posted a photo on Instagram, with a comment that it was delicious. I was proud to hear from their friends at other universities that they wanted to visit POSTECH for our café’s strawberry latte. I was surprised that they actually visited our store to drink strawberry latte.
(Yang) A customer who drank the coffee and gave me a thumbs-up right away was impressive.
(Woo) My work hours are not the time when customers line up. However, on the day of the entrance interview for POSTECH in November, a lot of customers gathered at our cafe and ordered drinks.

What are your plans for managing Coffee Nearme?
(Nam) We plan to develop various new drinks. In addition, we will provide the best service and provide the best coffee for Postechians who are tired of studying.
(Yang) We will make drinks with both taste and fun that meet the trend and demand.
(Woo) We will work hard to develop new drinks and events.

Any words for Postechians?
(Nam) Coffee Nearme will strive to become a space where we can get close to Postechians and a space where Postechians can rest. Thank you.
(Yang) We want to stay with POSTECH members as family and friends. If you tell me what we lack, we will try to fix it. Also, if you tell us what you enjoyed, we will be happy and develop that menu further. Please visit Coffee Nearme and talk to us. We always welcome you!
(Woo) The second Coffee Nearme will open in the library, and I wonder what it will be like! Please look forward to it!