Domestic Student Exchange Programs at POSTECH
Domestic Student Exchange Programs at POSTECH
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▲Presentation on Science and Technology University and other DomesticUniversity Student Exchange Programs
▲Presentation on Science and Technology University and other DomesticUniversity Student Exchange Programs


On Nov. 23, the “Presentation on Science and Technology Universities and other Domestic Universities Student Exchange Programs” was held by the Department of Educational Affairs and Records. The presentation featured four topics: student exchanges among other science and technology universities, student exchanges to other domestic universities, student exchange programs during winter and summer, and online course credits during military service.
The first topic was about student exchanges between other domestic science and technology universities: KAIST, DGIST, GIST, and UNIST. The second topic was about student exchanges to domestic universities: Yonsei University, Seoul National University, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea National University of Arts, Ewha Womans University, Sookmyung Women’s University, and Handong Global University.
To apply for an exchange during the spring or fall semesters, students should remember the following. The exchange application period is in January. Students must have completed at least two semesters at the time of the exchange. The maximum course credit that can be earned depends on the exchange university’s protocol.
The third topic was about student exchange programs during the summer or winter breaks. Students can take courses at more than one university at the same time as long as they can physically take the courses simultaneously (for example, by taking online courses). Students should make sure not to fall into a situation where they have to cancel their student exchange.
Students can apply by filling out the application form and receiving their professor’s signature, then sending the form by email or in person to the Educational Affairs and Records team. Then they can apply, change, and cancel a course registration directly on the exchange university’s website and pay the course fee to the exchange university. They may take as much as 1/3 of their total course credit at these universities for graduation. They cannot take courses in the exchange university that are identical to courses already taken at POSTECH. Students cannot go on the student exchange in their final semester before graduation. A course taken at an exchange university can only be retaken at the same exchange university. Rules for giving grades follow that of the exchange university, so the grade given is permanent. The grade is also included in the student’s GPA. However, withdrawal from a course (W) is not processed. To change the type of course credit, refer to the student notice board.
The fourth topic was about how to earn online course credit during military service. Students can apply for POSTECH courses through the military service portal, Students cannot retake courses prior to military service, but can retake courses taken during military service after being discharged. The course fee for students in military service is the same as others. Up to six course credits are accepted per semester, with a maximum total of 24 credits. If the discharge date is before a quarter of the course can be completed, the student cannot apply for that course. If the student is discharged during the course period, the course credit is given once the student completes the course. If the professor finds it difficult to evaluate the student due to the difficulty of military service, an S/U grade may be given.
Students who wish to participate in student exchange programs should refer to the student notice board for further details.