2021 New Year's Address Let us aim high and take great strides in 2021
2021 New Year's Address Let us aim high and take great strides in 2021
  • Moo Hwan Kim President of POSTECH
  • 승인 2021.01.02 19:04
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▲Moo Hwan Kim, President of POSTECH
▲Moo Hwan Kim, President of POSTECH


The new brilliant sun of 2021—the year of the White Metal Ox—has risen. Like the sun that rises from the depth of darkness and shines its rays to revive all living things, may 2021 be filled with new hope and strength for everyone in the POSTECH community.
It has been a difficult year for everyone around the world. From remote learning to intense social distancing, 2020 was a year we faced many uncertainties that tested our limits. Nonetheless, POSTECH rose above the challenge and ushered in the new year with great accomplishments.
Although social distancing brought on many limitations, it created an opportunity to expand the world of POSTECH. I did miss meeting our returning students and the new class of freshmen who have long awaited their campus life. I, too, share your sentiment of disappointment. However, even under these circumstances, our students used their wit and creativity to enjoy the end-of-semester festivities online and the POSTECH-KAIST Science War safely.
Conducted online for the first time since POSTECH’s founding, the admissions interview for the 2021 academic year was successfully held, and the new class of freshman now await their matriculation.
Our faculty remained devoted to research which has produced outstanding results. From research to help combat COVID-19 to research that further advance our lives, we gave immense hope to those who believe in and support POSTECH. 
Navigating the uncharted waters of 2020, POSTECH has taken the everyday realities to the virtual space, drawing a step closer to the future. I would like to express my appreciation to the entire POSTECH community for making this unprecedented year possible. I commend our faculty, staff, and students who have dedicated themselves to education, research, and administration in this complicated environment.
My dear POSTECH family!
There is hopeful news but the COVID-19 pandemic will continue well into 2021. However, I am certain that we, who have navigated the troubled waters of 2020 together, will continue to move forward unshaken. If we had conquered 2020 by taking our realities to the virtual world, let us take that as our stepping stone and look forward to the next 50 years of POSTECH in the new year. It will be a year of aiming high and taking great strides.
Grounded in POSTECH’s exceptional research quality and educational excellence that have taken us this far, we plan to bring a medical school to Pohang to cultivate medical scientists and establish a graduate school of medical science to nurture researchers who can conduct high-impact research and contribute to the advancement of humanity. We will also continue our close relationship with POSCO to create new businesses, while working together to develop energy materials and green energy sectors—both considered vital to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.    
For our members whose entrepreneurial and research activities take them to the Seoul metropolitan area, we are searching for ways to expand our scope and reach. We are also preparing for ways to stay more connected with you during the spring semester even if it moves entirely online.
I believe the power of together and resilience we learned through the COVID-19 crisis will become the driving force that pushes the boundaries and limits of POSTECH in 2021.
My most sincere wishes for the health and wellbeing of you and your loved ones, and for the most prosperous new year of 2021.


January 1, 2021
Moo Hwan Kim
President of POSTECH