Online Student Events Successfully Held
Online Student Events Successfully Held
  • Reporter Han Sang-yun
  • 승인 2020.11.27 15:05
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▲Pictogram of Online Education / India Didactics Association
▲Pictogram of Online Education / India Didactics Association


Before the partial conversion to Face-to-Face classes, which began on Nov. 2, POSTECH conducted all lectures online. The change to online lectures resulted in the cancellations of many events that had previously been held offline, which disappointed many students. Hence, to meet students’ demands for school events, a great deal of effort was made to carry out events online.
From Sept. 18 to 19, POSTECH-KAIST Science War (PKSW) was held online. Hacking, Science Quiz, AI, League of Legends (LOL), and KartRider were held as regular games, and LOL, Teamfight Tactics, Hearthstone, FIFA Online 4, and Starcraft: Remastered were held as friendly games. POSTECH defeated KAIST by 3:2, winning AI,  Science Quiz, and KartRider. Apart from these games, the PKSW Advisory Committee also prepared various activities, such as minigames, Instagram events, and POSTECH Playa Radio, in which many students participated online. 
The Student Union (SU) played a major role in making students interested in events and providing a sense of belonging to the school. At 7 P.M. on Sept. 11, the SU held “Online Meeting with the President”. Students’ opinions were collected and delivered to President Moo Hwan Kim. There were questions regarding academic management, including whether lectures including experiments and physical exercises could be held online, and the guidelines on online-held exams. There were also questions about overall school affairs, including the refund of tuition for online semesters and general education courses. The president answered each question in detail.
Social events were also held online. As many students felt isolated taking lectures online, the SU conducted “Hope you get close”. “Hope you get close” is an event where freshmen, sophomores, and upperclassmen team up online and carry out missions listed on a bingo board. The freshmen were provided with the opportunity to receive advice regarding school life, while sophomores and upperclassmen had a chance to meet new freshmen and share their experiences.
The SU also prepared events for students to enjoy Halloween. A photo zone, along with costumes, was set up at Jigok Hall, allowing students to take pictures and make good memories. On Oct. 15, the SU received registrations from 200 students and sent them Halloween snacks via parcel. A costume contest was also held. Students submitted photos of them wearing costumes, and prizes were awarded through the final voting on Facebook.
A sense of belonging to the school was especially low for freshmen and sophomores who would have normally resided in Residential College (RC) during Face-to-Face classes. Thankfully, the Dormitory Union carried out events that had been done in RC. Counseling with the Residential Advisor (RA) was held online for freshmen and sophomores to communicate with their roommates and get advice on university life from their RAs. RC tutoring for the midterm exam was also conducted. Tutoring sessions of General Physics II, Calculus II, General Chemistry I, and Applied Linear Algebra were given.
To deal with the lack of group study due to online lectures, the Innovation Center for Education hosted “Online Learning Community”, a program in which students gather online to learn cooperatively to achieve common learning goals. The program is operated based on two categories: the first category of study groups focuses on particularly interesting or difficult courses. Students explain concepts and answer each other’s questions in this session. The second category of groups focuses on a specific research topic and holds research seminars to discuss related researches. Hence, the deficiency of communication between peers has been partially solved by “Online Learning Community”.
Thanks to the efforts of various departments and student groups, many events were successfully carried out online despite the difficult situation this semester.