Chairman of the Student Committee on Pedagogy & Education
Chairman of the Student Committee on Pedagogy & Education
  • Reporter Kim Seo-jin
  • 승인 2020.11.27 15:02
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▲Seo Sung-gyo (LIFE 18
▲Seo Sung-gyo (LIFE 18)


The Student Committee on Pedagogy & Education (SCOPE) is a student union that promotes educational communication within the campus. This year, SCOPE discussed various educational issues, including online classes due to COVID-19, military credit recognition issues, and class capacity increment for English courses. The Postech Times interviewed Seo Sung-gyo, chairman of SCOPE, to take a closer look at what he does.

What motivated you to join SCOPE?
I am sure many Postechians studied hard in high school. Likewise, I strived to absorb the knowledge I learned, whether it involved cramming or self-directed learning. But after graduating from high school, I took time to contemplate education by reflecting upon my own school days. I spotted the need for a proper vision towards education in quite a few areas, such as in providing an adequate educational environment or developing an educational bond between students and their lecturers.
I was introduced to many student unions during the freshmen orientation when I entered POSTECH. After listening to the presentation of SCOPE, it occurred to me that I could transform my thoughts into action in this very union. That is why I joined SCOPE.

As the chairman, what are your aims for SCOPE?
SCOPE aims to facilitate educational communication among students, professors, and the school itself. These three groups are the main roots of POSTECH, each aspiring to make reasonable judgments when problems arise on campus. However, communication issues occasionally occur due to the lack of opportunities to listen to one another’s situation and opinions. I wanted to minimize such issues in the field of education. With this desire in mind, I have set the purpose and priority of SCOPE to function as an “educational bridge” on campus.

What was the most rewarding experience while working at SCOPE?
In response to the online 2020 Spring Semester, we conducted a survey regarding the focused supplementary class period and delivered it to the Educational Affairs and Records team. Surprised by the large number of survey answers, the team told us that they would eagerly integrate these opinions into school affairs. Through this experience, I was able to perceive the true values of SCOPE’s existence. Although we are only a small representative of a relatively large number of students, I was excited that we were the ones who could help implement students’ opinions on actual campus life. It was the most fulfilling moment for me.

Any words for fellow Postechians?
I do not have anything to say in particular, since SCOPE should be in the position of listening, not vice versa. That being said, whenever you encounter hardship or need guidance regarding education, please contact us. Although we may just be fellow students ourselves, we will do our best to ensure that your opinions are delivered to the school. Thank you.