Reinforced On-Campus COVID-19 Guidelines
Reinforced On-Campus COVID-19 Guidelines
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▲Campus Guidelines for COVID-19
▲Campus Guidelines for COVID-19


In response to the increased number of daily confirmed COVID-19 patients, the General Affairs team reinforced the school’s “COVID-19 Prevention Measures” on Aug. 21. The announcement made is as the following:
1. Refrain from traveling to other regions, especially the Seoul metropolitan area.
Avoid business trips and refrain from visiting families in the Seoul metropolitan area during weekends. In case of an inevitable visit, submit a preliminary report before traveling and a general questionnaire upon return. Avoid public transportation, wear a mask, and practice good personal hygiene. Do not attend indoor events with over 50 people and outdoor events with over 100 people. 
2. Postpone or cancel non-urgent or unnecessary meetings/events/trips.
Refrain from going out except for urgent or necessary occasions. Food delivery or take-out is recommended. Meetings/events involving meals must be postponed or canceled. Utilize online stores rather than outdoor shopping.
3. Maintain good personal health.
In case of any symptoms of COVID-19, do not go outside or to work and monitor your symptoms. Contact the local health center or the KCDC (1339) if symptoms worsen. Wash your hands frequently with soap and running water. Make sure to wash your hands especially after visiting a crowded place. Ventilate twice a day for at least 10 minutes.
4. Comply with the prevention measures when going outside.
Do not visit crowded/enclosed facilities without proper ventilation. Make sure to wear masks when difficult to keep a distance from others. Refrain from activities that involve taking off masks. Keep a distance of at least 2m between one another. 

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