Who Do You Want to Be?
Who Do You Want to Be?
  • Han Sang-yun
  • 승인 2020.07.14 18:34
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Reporter Han Sang-yun
Reporter Han Sang-yun


“Who do you want to be?”
Every time I encountered a turning point in my life, every moment my ego seemed to fade out, I asked myself who I wanted to be. By imagining the ideal form of myself, I could figure out how to manage the day and got the courage to break through seemingly unbreakable obstacles. I often hesitated between an intense day working towards my dream and a restful easy day. Sometimes, when I witnessed an unreasonable incident, I had a hard time deciding between bravely standing against the immorality and surrendering to the majority. I feared being critical because of the fact that I may fail or be criticized. Sometimes, I had to resist the sweet morning sleep seducing me from doing work. The agony has not always led me to a pleasant life. However, it made me stronger and stronger. I could finally feel satisfied through the choices made with my own beliefs. What I have learned from my experiences is that determining how to live  oneself is the most human thing one can do. At every moment, people have the ability to shape their lives regardless of what others tell them to do. Unfortunately, there are too many factors that inhibit people from doing so, such as ideologies, tradition, and distorted information. In this strange world full of noises, people may be losing some of their fundamental humanities. I strongly believe that anyone can be the one he or she wants to be if there exists a compass that leads to the right way. Moreover, our society needs proper information as the compass. I wanted to be the one who can contribute to lifting up the essence of humanity. If my article can help people see the world through the right angle, I think my job is sufficiently done here. The school newspaper is the right media to introduce opportunities people can reach for, events that are happening in the world, and how Postechians are showing their talents to the world. Working as a reporter and deciding which information Postechians need to lead their lives is just the work I want to accomplish. And as an assistant reporter of The Postech Times, I am ready to be the one who can perfectly do so.

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