After 35 Days, Cho Kuk Quits the Cabinet
After 35 Days, Cho Kuk Quits the Cabinet
  • Reporter Lee Mi-yeon
  • 승인 2019.10.18 15:13
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▲Cho Kuk leaving the Justice Ministry office
▲Cho Kuk leaving the Justice Ministry office


Korea has been divided since President Moon Jae-in appointed Cho, a former law professor, as justice minister despite objections from opposition parties. Minster Cho, known as a key role of the president’s prosecution reform drive, has raised issues amid various allegations over his family. Public gathered in front of Supreme Prosecutors’ Office on Sept. 28 to support Justice Minister Cho Kuk and his drive to reform the prosecution despite an investigation into corruption allegations involving his family. Participants voiced support for Cho, claiming that the media is conspiring with the prosecution to impede his reform drive. A separate protest was held across the street to demand Cho’s immediate resignation and arrest.
He finally resigned Monday and President Moon Jae-in accepted his resignation. Cho said, “I think the time for my resignation has arrived in order to successfully complete the reform of the prosecution. I was only kindling to start a fire of prosecutorial reform. My role as the kindling ends now.”
So far, there has been no such division over the appointment of the minister. The whole country was divided between pro-Cho groups and anti-Cho groups. The ruling party were engrossed in defending Cho in their crusade for reform. According to the survey, the gap in public support for the ruling party (DP) and opposition narrowed to 0.9% points. The government has brought this on itself after turning a blind eye to the public sentiment. It is time to unite the nation. 

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