The Second Mueunjae Undergraduate Council Elected
The Second Mueunjae Undergraduate Council Elected
  • Reporter Chae Seung-hyun
  • 승인 2019.06.13 13:27
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▲Chang Hwan-jung (president, left) and Kim Jung-woo (vice president)
▲Chang Hwan-jung (president, left) and Kim Jung-woo (vice president)

Blockchain, a technology that appears to be an important part of our future, is slowly creeping into our lives. POSTECH, a pioneer in science and technology, became the first ever Blockchain campus. Before, voting and collecting ballots were achieved through offline polling booths. However, now, students are able to vote online through an app called ‘Blockchain Voting’, a blockchain-based app. Developed through a collaboration between the Office of Industry-Academic Affairs and the Office of Academic Information Affairs, the app allows any member of POSTECH to create a poll.
Coincidently, from May 7 to May 9, the first election for the Mueunjae Undergraduate Council (MUC) was held. The ballots were collected only through the voting app, and no offline polling booths were placed. Among the 321 freshmen who had voting rights, a total of 122 students participated. Out of the 122, 105 voted in favor, 17 against, and zero students threw in invalid ballots. With the turnout not exceeding 50%, because of the Mueunjae Undergraduate Council Article 102 Clause 2, the election is to be rescheduled to a later date.
The re-election for the MUC was held and closed on May 17. Just like the first election, it was carried out by calling yeas and nays. However, different from last time, taking into account the previous voting’s turnout, offline polling booths were placed throughout campus to promote student participation.
According to the official total of counted ballots, a total of 162 students voted out of a possible 321. 145 voted in favor, 15 against, 2 abstentions, and 0 submitted invalid ballots. With the turnout exceeding 50% and following the Mueunjae Undergraduate Council Article 98 Clause 1 and Student Union of POSTECH Rules for Election Article 83 Clause 2, no further re-election is needed.
As a result, Chang Hwan-jung (Mueunjae 19) and Kim Jung-woo (Mueunjae 19) and their campaign, ‘My Home’ was elected as the second ever MUC. ‘My Home’s pledges included: (1) Large-scale events and activities for the whole Mueunjae student body, (2) A mentoring system through the Kakao open chat service, (3) A compulsory course books rental service, (4) Study group encouragement programs, (5) Providing information about academic courses through media such as card news, (6) Increasing communication between the MUC and students.
Chang Hwan-jung, now president of the MUC gave his thoughts on being elected, “I’m still short on many things, but I will try hard to be the president who always does his best for students in the Mueunjae School of Undergraduate Studies. I’ll also do my best to carry out everything promised in our pledges.” For now, only time will tell if the pledges promised by the second MUC will be fulfilled. We can only hope ‘My Home’ makes us feel as if we are actually at our home, here in POSTECH.