POSTECH Microscope: Make Postechians “Happy”
POSTECH Microscope: Make Postechians “Happy”
  • Reporter Lee Mi-yeon
  • 승인 2019.05.17 11:04
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▲Group photo of ACSF
▲Group photo of ACSF

There are three big events in POSTECH every year. Freshmen orientation, which is held around February, and POSTECH-KAIST Science War, which is held in September, and the last one is Sunrise Festival held in May. In this year, from May 8 to May 10 the Sunrise Festival was held. The festival is a good example of students’ spontaneity, as it is prepared and executed by students from beginning to end. The Postech Times interviewed with the lead organizer of the Sunrise Festival, Noh Jin-u (CE, 14).

“What is the theme of this festival?”
The motto of this festival is ‘Happy Circuit’. Advisory Committee for the Sunrise Festival (ACSF) planned the festival with the subtitle “Put the switch on your passion.” The idea came from a brainstorming process, which we thought the word has a positive meaning while revealing the characteristics of our university. The word “Happy Circuit” is often used to define driving force that can withstand even in difficult situations since the festival is between mid-term and final exams, the word itself can also mean to turn around the happy circuit and prepare for final exams. 

“What is special about this Sunrise Festival?”
The ACSF has increased the planning team since there were more people than last year. This has allowed us to prepare the festival on a larger scale for events such as room escape game and the haunted house. Unlike last year, as the departments’ pub has disappeared, we are preparing various voluntary events to replace it. We also planned to operate the pub such as food trucks. There have been many changes in the festival since last year, and I think we need flexible planning in response to these changes. 

“What was difficult about preparing for the festival?”
As the ACSF is preparing for the festival during the semester, it is difficult to concentrate entirely on the preparation of the festival. Finding an efficient way to save everyone’s time requires work to be businesslike. With the high percentage of freshmen who applied for mainly to enjoy a pleasant experience, I feel sorry for the fact that the festival did not become a festival for those preparing.
He added, “The efforts of the people who are preparing a big event are always behind it. Due to the characteristic of the festival, the daytime booths have a low participation rate. We have made a lot of efforts to make a pleasant daytime booth, so please do your best to enjoy it. I hope this festival will be an component of happy circuit in your school life.”