Postechian’s Pick : The Start of Something New
Postechian’s Pick : The Start of Something New
  • Reporter Chae Seung-hyun
  • 승인 2019.04.24 13:08
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▲The Internship
▲The Internship


Since this is the first ever Postechian’s Pick, a movie about a fresh start is only fitting. For this edition of The Postech Times, the movie being introduced is ‘The Internship’, an American comedy film, depicting two middle aged men trying to get an internship at Google. Despite its somewhat bad ratings, for a time-killing movie, it is perfect.

Billy McMahon and Nick Campbell are watch salesmen with incredible human skills. Nobody buys watches anymore because of mobile phones, and they lose their job in spite of their skills. To earn a living, they look for new jobs, but the world treats them as dinosaurs with skills that are not needed anymore. So, even though they don’t know squat about IT technologies, they apply for a Google internship. 
Google is one of the biggest, if not the biggest tech companies in the world. Brilliant minds all over the world apply for an internship, hoping they make it through to a permanent job. In the movie, the applicants form teams, with each team competing in several challenges related to Google. In such a competitive environment, they try to survive the whole ordeal. It wasn’t smooth sailing from the start as other applicants looked down on them for being so old. Nobody wanted to team up with them, and even when they did, they were teamed up with mismatching, dysfunctional members.
At first, Billy and Nick clash with the other group members, due to their nonexistent knowledge of Google and anything related to tech in general. But as time goes by, Billy and Nick and the others open up to each other and combine their forces to win an internship.

This film tries to deliver two messages. The first one is, nothing of anything is bad. In a world where everything is connected via the Internet and social media, the human touch seems to be disappearing. The old school ways of talking to each other in the physical world and just the overall ways of dealing with humans in person, represented by Billy and Nick, are slowly being lost and replaced by quick chats, robotics and the analytical ways of the millennials, represented by their younger group members. Only when they banded together could they realize their full potential, a mixture of old and new.
The second message is, it is never too late to try. Billy and Nick without an IT knowledge, jumped straight into the unknown. Even at an older age, they tried their best, and succeeded. Nowadays, we are afraid to try something new. Only doing the things we are good at and feeling satisfied with, is the definition of being stagnant. Just like Billy and Nick, try new things. If you fail, learn from it. Just as their salesmen’s career ended, due to the things they learned from the experience, they were able to incorporate that knowledge and use it to further their career. If you want something you never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done!

A good movie, quite funny with laugh inducing scenes littered throughout the whole movie. Despite cliché filled moments, you will end up laughing and smiling with the characters as if you knew them. Recommended for anyone. Especially to those who are afraid of trying something new.