Me—A Professional Journalist
Me—A Professional Journalist
  • reporter Yoon Seok-sang
  • 승인 2019.03.29 15:56
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Reporter Yoon Seok-sang
Reporter Yoon Seok-sang

It is a great honor to become a journalist of The Postech Times, a highly established press in POSTECH. I express my gratitude to my senior colleagues, Professor Im Gyeong-soon, and President Kim Doh-Yeon for granting me this excellent opportunity. As a new member of the newspaper, I wish to assimilate knowledge and skills, blend into this community, and employ my abilities to further the eminence and history of The Postech Times.
In order to work with purpose, I must identify what being a journalist means to me. I was a writer ever since I was in middle school. Being a journalist required a high level of responsibility, but it was also something that gave me a sense of pride. Keeping a keen eye on current issues and digging deep to find additional information made me feel like a detective. Finding conflicting opinions and contemplating about which one was more reasonable made me feel like a judge. Sharing interesting facts that I found by organizing them into an article made me feel like a pioneer. All of these feelings make up what I think a journalist is: the person that gives daily life meaning for another.
This academic year is a new beginning. Now that I have a basic understanding about what I must pursue as a journalist, I intend to achieve the following goal this year; going pro. I am now a proud reporter of The Postech Times, a professional, no longer an amateur. I vow to take my job with a serious and sophisticated mindset. I will not engage myself in yellow journalism and wrongful propaganda, but rather be objective and only deliver facts from credible sources. I hope that readers will benefit and learn something useful from my articles, and I will try my best to provide readers with intriguing and important stories. I will accept any kind of criticism and use it as a starting point to hone my skills.
As I mentioned earlier, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for me, and I plan to use it wisely. I thank the readers for reading and supporting The Postech Times, and I hope you will in the future as well.

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