First Step Together
First Step Together
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▲Picture of the class during MVP presentation
▲Picture of the class during MVP presentation

On March 5, 2018, POSTECH and Yonsei University announced their open campus in hopes to foster well-rounded scholars. Since the declaration, the partakers have brainstormed various agenda to execute as parts of the open campus. On Jan. 7 to 18, Startup 403: Startup Bootcamp (BIZ4199-01) was held at the school of business building at Yonsei University as the first class established by the two universities hand in hand.
This three-credit course was held for two weeks, and grades of Pass or No Record were given. The class was instructed by professor Kim Do-yoon (BIZ) from Yonsei University with the help of professor Seong Sang-hyun. 13 students from POSTECH and 14 students from Yonsei University in various major participated in the boot camp, satisfying one of the many purposes of the open campus: to let students meet others with different strengths and backgrounds so as to widen their vision.
On the first day, the participants were greeted by the dean of Yonsei university’s School of Business and the vice president of Yonsei university, who gave a congratulatory message. Of course, Prof. Kim went over the course curriculum and gave a lecture on the entrepreneurship and start-up. Then, each participants prepared one-minute speech, introducing their backgrounds, interests, and expertise. Based on self-introduction, participants had an unmoderated team building session where they looked for compatible team members. Each team had to have either five or six members and the ratio between Yonsei university student and POSTECH student had to be balanced: either 3 to 3 or 3 to 2. 
Each team then thought of a business idea and formulated a business model. On the third day, Prof. Seong taught about customer development and, after the lecture, the participants were all on their feet, interviewing their prospective customers. After solidifying the business model as much as possible, the teams worked on their Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which is a development technique whereby a product is developed with minimal but sufficient features.
On the second week, Yonsei University’s president, Kim Yong-hak surprised the class with his visit during the participants’ presentations on their MVP, showing his interest in the new joint course between POSTECH and Yonsei university. The class was also visited by five speakers, two from POSTECH and three from Yonsei University, who shared their experiences regarding start-up and answer questions. The POSTECH speakers consisted of Jung Kyu-whan (CTO from VUNO) and Kim Dae-il (CEO from Fast Five), and the Yonsei University speakers consisted of Oh Sang-hoon (CEO from Luxrobo), Seo Jeong-yeol (patent attorney from SUAN Intellectual Property), and Lee Taek-kyung (CEO from MashupAngels).
On the last day, every group presented their business and received their last feedbacks. Overall, the class culminated with satisfactory results and marked the first step towards successful open campus between the two universities.