Commencement Address for the 2018 Academic Year
Commencement Address for the 2018 Academic Year
  • President  Doh-Yeon Kim 
  • 승인 2019.02.11 23:46
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Proud graduates of POSTECH! 
I extend my praise and congratulations to the 753 graduates here today who will be receiving their bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. 
In addition, I would like to express the most special of gratitude and respect to the parents for their love and care, and to the professors for their devoted guidance during this arduous academic pilgrimage. Furthermore, I would like to take this opportunity to convey my deepest appreciation to Chairman Jeong-Woo Choi and the Board of Trustees, Mrs. Okja Jang, the widow of the late Founding Chairman Tae-Joon Park, distinguished guests, and fellow POSTECH members for taking time from your busy schedules in joining us. 

My dear graduating Postechians! 
From this day forth, you will be facing a new starting line in life. Some of you will still be carrying on with your academic journey, but most of you are to begin yet another  marathon. But, this time, you will not be racing on the same path towards the same finish line. On this marathon of life, you need to set your own directions and finish line – finding the purpose of your life. It is of absolute importance to have a firm faith in your dreams and goals today even though they may change later on. All your dreams and visions, no matter what they may be, are precious.  
You will take charge and determine your methods and paths in pursuit of your own dreams. Do not fear choosing the road less travelled or even creating a new one if necessary to achieve your dreams and happiness. Never forget that happiness arises from growing yourself, not from comparing and winning over others. It is my sincere wish that you lead a life filled with such joy and happiness every moment, and even more, share them with others.   

My proud graduates! 
On the solid foundation of our university’s 30 years of research-oriented excellence, POSTECH will continuously endeavor as a Value Creating University and contribute to the betterment of society and nation. However, the realization of this vision is highly dependent on the paths of every one of you here today.  
I challenge you to become leading originators who create value for the advancement of society and nation by both applying the knowledge and wisdom you have gleaned while on campus and with the daring spirit of Postechians. Discover uncharted realms as scientists, guide innovations as engineers, but most importantly, actively embrace your roles for the furtherance of humanity. 
To achieve this, it is imperative to constantly strive for self-improvement. As uncertainties grow with disruptive technologies, it will be progressively difficult to succeed with just the specialized knowledge of your own fields. I beseech you to constantly familiarize yourselves with novel studies and information, and espouse lifelong learning to solidify your base of knowledge. Take pride in being learners rather than the learned. Moreover, it is my genuine desire that you share with others and possess empathy in spite of differences to brighten the world and make it a warmer place for everyone. 

Dear Postechians! 
As of today, POSTECH becomes your alma mater. Just like a nourishing mother, the literal Latin meaning of the word, POSTECH will always watch over you and send our support. As Postechians, go forth filled with a sense of responsibility and pride in all that you do. Likewise, POSTECH will tenaciously traverse its own path towards the new finish line to ensure that you may look back at your alma mater with pride and dignity. 

February 8, 2019 
President  Doh-Yeon Kim