The Postech ‘TMI’es
The Postech ‘TMI’es
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
  • 승인 2019.01.05 00:38
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▲One of the TMIes, Airpod of the Apple Inc.
▲One of the TMIes, Airpod of the Apple Inc.

The two independent newspapers of POSTECH share the same paper and name, The Postech Times. Ten years have passed since the first publication of the English one. To celebrate the new year and 10th birthyear the English newspaper, The Postech Times prepared a special feature, ‘The Postech TMIes’ on the Campus side. TMI, which was coined recently, means ‘Too Much Information’. 

The Postech Times always tries their best to provide articles with facts and topics interest for the readers. Besides going out for the coverage and keeping contact with interviewees individually, all reporters gather once a week for the meeting. The brainstorming stage is the most important part of the meeting. Amongst numerous ideas cast, a few of them are decided eligible. The rest are perished or frequently show up in another meeting. Reporters found it fun to encounter those unused ideas when they lacked the decent news. This article is planned to introduce those ideas and share trivial enjoyment. The Postech Times expects to round off the task of 2018 by covering the dead but hilarious ideas and start this year of 2019 with the fluttering heart.

It is comprised of six compartments that explains what the theme was and why it was rejected. From Christmas movie special to Postechian’s food : Ramen, there were various ideas covering broad fields. 
(Details are continued on page 3)

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